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  • Welcome

    Hi, I am Christina and I have a huge passion for animals. I am extremely grateful for my gift, allowing me to communicate with dogs, cats or horses, even from a distance. Feel free to get in touch to learn how I can help you to build an even stronger relationship with your precious animals.

  • Dog Communication

    I can ask your dog the questions you really wish you could ask your close friend. And I will come back to you with the message I get from your dog his consciousness.

  • Cat Communication

    I am grateful for my beautiful gift, allowing me to help you build an even stronger contact with your cat. Let me know how I can help listen to what your cat has to tell you.

  • Horse Communication

    Having a close relationship with your horse, you will know your horses can be extremely sensitive. Their intuition can exceed our expectations many times. I am able to tap into their energy field and to establish a bi-directional conversation with your horse.

Animal Connect